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Cynthia Huntsberger (age 63)
October 5, 2011

Sadly, Cynthia (Cindy) Huntsberger of MK cabin, age 63, was killed in a car accident on Lake Nacimiento Rd. Wife of John, mother of three, daughter of the late Willards, of Mineral King and longtime ranchers here in Paso Robles.

Dr. Richard Koch (age 89)
September 2011

Dick and Jean bought their cabin from Henry ("Hank") & Edna Cushman in 1958, although the Kochs use the Gobby cabin
(WMK-11, located by the Cold Springs Bridge) before it was destroyed in the 1955 flood.

The Kochs were instrumental in saving Mineral King from being developed into a major ski resort back in the 1960s,
and worked tirelessly to make sure Mineral King stayed historic and natural.

 Elizabeth Avery Ingram (age 92)
January 11, 2011

Elizabeth was the daughter of Leslie C. & Elizabeth Hart Avery, who bought the Avery cabin (WMK 23) in 1950 from Scribner & Viola Kirk.  Elizabeth was the niece of Opal Dula (EMK 3), and first cousin of Nadean Bissiri (WMK-18) if I read my cabin genealogy correctly.

Elizabeth leaves behind son Jim Ingram (past president of our Mineral King District Association), daughter-in-law Nancy Ingram, and daughter and son-in-law Janet & Felix Martin del Campo.

Marjorie Mattoon (age 86)
September 4, 2010

Marjorie "Marj or Marjie" Mattoon, 86, a lifelong Visalia resident, passed away after a long illness in Visalia CA on Sept 4th 2010.  She had been married to Darrell Mattoon for 51 years when he passed away in 1994.  She was also married to Villiami Takapu.  Marjorie is survived by 3 children, their spouses, and 10 grandchildren.  Her 1st child is Darrell Stanley Mattoon II, his wife Marjolene of Merced CA, and their 4 children Melissa, Matthew, Marlene, and Michelle.  Her 2nd child is Claudia Mattoon Landon and her spouse Michael of Wenatchee WA and their 3 children Barrett,
Braden, and Brent.  Her 3rd child is Arthur Stacy Mattoon and his wife Diana of Visalia CA and their 3 children Patrick, Christopher, and Andy.

Margaret Becker
July 2010

From building their Faculty Flat cabin in the the late 1920s, the Becker family has been stalwarts in the MK community family.  The close relationship of the MK family will always be there.  How we miss those who have parted. Growing up with Margaret and the family  are high points in my life. [Written by John Benedict (cabin owner next door to the Becker's)]

Memorial Donations

Shirley Devol in memory of Dr. Richard Koch
Sharon Devol in memory of Dr. Richard Koch
Tom & Ann Dungan in memory of Dr. Richard Koch
Shirley Devol in memory of Cyndie Willard Huntsberger
Sharon Devol in memory of Cyndie Willard Huntsberger
Claudia Mattoon Landon in memory of Darrell and Marjorie Mattoon
John & Debbie Bree, in memory of Hyler Bree
Shirley Devol, in memory of Elizabeth Ingram
Shirley Devol, in memory of Lorine Willard
Donn Bree, in memory of Ryan Bree
Diane Guerrero, in memory of Nadine Jackson Tannahill
Nicholas Spadafora, in memory of Richard Bungay
Sharon Devol, in memory of Van & Mary Dixon
June McCann, in memory of Van & Mary Dixon
Herb & Lee Boss, in memory of Patricia Asay Freeland
Shirley Devol, in memory of Alan Ewen
Shirley Devol, in memory of Milton Savage
David J. Hammer, in memory of Milton Savage
Larry & Mary Cochrun, in memory of Milton Savage
Dr. Richard & Jean Koch, in memory of Dr. Lyal and Patricia Asay Freeland
Diane Foreman Gladieux, in memory of Harold Foreman
George Cady, in memory of Cherie W. Love
Carlee Barros, in memory of Carl Pennebaker
Shirley Devol, in memory of Ora Kay Peterson
Betty Grimm, in memory of Betty Lavel
Blair & Jan Voelz, in memory of Margaret Becker